Floating in Space With Sir Paul McCartney

Oh, Paul McCartney! Responsible for so much good (the Ram album, 1985, Jet), and so much evil (Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, Ebony and Ivory, Wonderful Christmas Time). I’d put Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest, his 1993 album released under the name The Fireman, in the former category. One of the most hypnotically repetitive albums you’ll ever hear, it’s basically one big set of remixes of the same ambient/house/techno song. It sounds a lot like The Orb — not surprisingly, since McCartney’s collaborator on the project was the producer Youth, who formerly worked with The Orb — and not much like McCartney. At least until you remember that McCartney, inspired by Stockhausen, was experimenting with tape loops back when he was in The Beatles. And then of course there’s the goofy electronic pop of his 1980 song   “Temporary Secretary,” using a relentlessly repetitive synth riff as a backing for some relentlessly creepy lyrics.

Put the album on repeat for the full effect.

McCartney recently released another album under the name The Fireman. Ignore it. It’s nothing like this one, and not terribly interesting.


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