O Yuki, You So Fine


O Yuki Conjugate has been making music, off and on, in several different incarnations, since 1982, incorporating elements of industrial, ambient and techno/house music into their eclectic output. Here, a few tracks from different points in their career.

The first two tracks come from the group’s debut Scene in Mirage, originally released as an LP in 1984. The first is meloncholy but also sort of relentless; the second works in some dancey beats. We finish up title track off their Sunchemical CD from 1996.

Nothing happens in any of these videos — the visuals are just static images — so feel free to go make yourself a sandwich while listening to them. And maybe one for me as well, while you’re at it.

If you’re intrigued by all this, there’s a lot more O Yuki to be found on YouTube and an album up on Bandcamp as well.

Find out more about the group at their website and/or AllMusic.


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