Welcome to my world!

A blog to share my musical discoveries and obsessions. Expect electronic music (old and new), post-punk, pre-punk, raw world music, and occasional Fall videos. I like repetition. I like drums and drum machines. I like drones. I like harsh sounds. I like pretty sounds. I like psychedelic sounds. I like weird old music videos you can find on YouTube.

Most of the stuff here will be a bit on the obscure side. That said, I also reseve the right to post old ELO videos when I see fit.

When it comes to new music, I’ll mainly be posting stuff that you can download legally for little or no cost.

My other blog is a Man Boobz.

If you want to send me review copies (cassettes or CDs; no vinyl), email me at futrelle at well dot com for my address. You can also email me download links, or upload your songs to my dropbox. (Drop me an email to let me know when you do.)

Oh, and yes, the blog title is from a Brian Eno song. Hey, it worked for A Certain Ratio, didn’t it?


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