The Wolfgang Press Goes to Kansas

Well that was a little unnerving.


Suzanne Ciani, Pinball Wizard?

Here the TV series Omni follows New Age composer and electronic sound design maven Suzanne Ciani as she works on sound design for a pinball game. Fascinating but also inadvertently hilarious, thanks largely to announcer Peter Ustinov’s solemn pronouncements on the wonders of electricity and some obviously staged interactions between Ciani and guys from the pinball company. This is from 1981 or 1982.

BONUS! A rather silly segment from David Letterman’s short-lived morning show in 1980 featuring Ciani trying to explain how to make weird noises with her elaborate synth setup. I had totally forgotten that Letterman once had a morning show.


Jimmy Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy Jimmy

While we’re still talking Bappi Lahiri, here’s what’s probably his most famous song, Jimmy Jimmy Aaja, which of course MIA sampled (covered? recreated?) in her song Jimmy.

Speaking of Jimmies, here are The Undertones, doing their completely unrelated song “Jimmy Jimmy.”

Ohh-ah Ohh-ah! Bappi Lahiri Borrows from the Buggles

Speaking of Bappi Lahiri, which we were doing yesterday, here’s a song of his that borrows a little something something from Video Killed the Radio Star. But you’ll have to admit that the finished product bears rather little resemblance to anything the Buggles ever produced.

Everybody Dance With Bap-Bap-Bappi

Muscial director Bappi Lahiri, Bollywood’s greatest magpie, throws in everything from electro to 60s garage punk into this little number from 1987, featuring what is probably the world’s loudest tape recorder.


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