Ambient in Blue: 1969, by Cherry

Some pretty ambient dub/house with some vaguely Durutti Column-esque guitar, recently released on a little label called Blue Tapes.  I’m not quite sure what it has to do with 1969 — it sounds more like 1996, actually — but I’ll let that pass. For more info, or to buy it, go here.

I heard about this one from Cassette Gods, a very handy guide to ultra-obscure cassette releases.


Music to Start a Cult By: Transmuteo

If you’re planning to start a New Age cult, might I suggest you hire Transmuteo as your musical director?

Have a Droney Dance Party With Hanetration

Some nice droney stuff with a glitchy beat and a horn.

Here’s the rest of the EP, which you can download for free.

Check out Hanetration’s Bandcamp page for a couple more free EPs.

H/T to Dogs Can Read Your Mind

10cc invents ambient drone, in 1975

I’ve always loved the hazy miasma in? around? of? this song. Remove the melody, and the drums, and you’ve got a wonderfully warm, lazy, ambient track.

Godley and Creme — former members of 10cc — went for a similar effect at the end of their 1995 song “Cry.”

The first guy in the “Cry” video is what I imagine happens every time an MRA sees my other blog.

O Yuki, You So Fine


O Yuki Conjugate has been making music, off and on, in several different incarnations, since 1982, incorporating elements of industrial, ambient and techno/house music into their eclectic output. Here, a few tracks from different points in their career.

The first two tracks come from the group’s debut Scene in Mirage, originally released as an LP in 1984. The first is meloncholy but also sort of relentless; the second works in some dancey beats. We finish up title track off their Sunchemical CD from 1996.

Nothing happens in any of these videos — the visuals are just static images — so feel free to go make yourself a sandwich while listening to them. And maybe one for me as well, while you’re at it.

If you’re intrigued by all this, there’s a lot more O Yuki to be found on YouTube and an album up on Bandcamp as well.

Find out more about the group at their website and/or AllMusic.

Bastian Void, with Fluorescent Bells on.


I love this album. Gorgeous ambient-poppy synthy stuff. One of my favorites of 2012. And the first track, while it starts off slow, is a killer. Just wait until the drums kick in.

Floating in Space With Sir Paul McCartney

Oh, Paul McCartney! Responsible for so much good (the Ram album, 1985, Jet), and so much evil (Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, Ebony and Ivory, Wonderful Christmas Time). I’d put Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest, his 1993 album released under the name The Fireman, in the former category. One of the most hypnotically repetitive albums you’ll ever hear, it’s basically one big set of remixes of the same ambient/house/techno song. It sounds a lot like The Orb — not surprisingly, since McCartney’s collaborator on the project was the producer Youth, who formerly worked with The Orb — and not much like McCartney. At least until you remember that McCartney, inspired by Stockhausen, was experimenting with tape loops back when he was in The Beatles. And then of course there’s the goofy electronic pop of his 1980 song   “Temporary Secretary,” using a relentlessly repetitive synth riff as a backing for some relentlessly creepy lyrics.

Put the album on repeat for the full effect.

McCartney recently released another album under the name The Fireman. Ignore it. It’s nothing like this one, and not terribly interesting.

Lull yourself to sleep with Afterlife, in a good way

Not a song for anyone in a hurry. As in, it takes three and a half minutes for the music itself to kick in, emerging from a swampy bed of watery sounds. (It literally sounds like someone tromping through a bog.) Here’s how the promo blurb from the label puts it, enthusiastically if not grammatically:

Patiently drawing us far from the shoreline for its first few minutes, soon we are enveloped in a powerful scalar field where beautiful synth alchemy is being conducted.

Whatever that means, the music is pretty and peaceful. I like it.

This song was available on the extremely limited edition cassette Hypnautic Rinse from Stunned Records, but it’s sold out, so I guess we’ll just have to make do with this static YouTube video for now.

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