Have a Droney Dance Party With Hanetration

Some nice droney stuff with a glitchy beat and a horn.

Here’s the rest of the EP, which you can download for free.

Check out Hanetration’s Bandcamp page for a couple more free EPs.

H/T to Dogs Can Read Your Mind


Bastian Void, with Fluorescent Bells on.


I love this album. Gorgeous ambient-poppy synthy stuff. One of my favorites of 2012. And the first track, while it starts off slow, is a killer. Just wait until the drums kick in.

The Peppy Yet Somehow Also Melancholy Organ of Piotr Kurek (Also, Snail Sex)


Mix some exotica with some Philip Glass and throw in some sexy, sexy snails and ta-da!


Thanks to International Tapes for putting me on to this album.

Altar Eagle’s Alternative Mixes


So the oddball synthy pop group Altar Eagle — their name is an Emily-Litella-quality pun — has put out a collection of remixes of their album Nightrunners from last year. Some good stuff on it.

It also gives me the excuse to post their awesome album cover. (Click on it for a much bigger version.)

You can have your own copy, for whatever amount you want to pay for it:

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