The Knife loves the sight of broken glass

Hey, it’s a new video from The Knife. If you watch it long enough, a woman will pee in the street. (In the video, that is.) Also, there are some lesbians. And a straight couple, also. Some wine glasses get broken, then unbroken, then broken again.

I’m not sure I really “got” the video. Or if there is really anything to get.

The song’s good, though.


Join a creepy 70s cult with The Belbury Poly

This music video has such a hypnotically hauntological 70s vibe that by the time you are finished watching it you will be wearing a Dharma Initiative jumpsuit.

More here.

Freak yourself out with EMV

Creep yourself the hell out with this little music video. Probably not a good idea to watch this if you’re in the middle of a psychotic episode.

Visit Leaving Records to download some free tracks or buy the digital album.

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Some Really Old Shit

Hey, it’s some really old cartoons set to a song by Crystal Castles. And yes, that is the Gertie the Dinosaur.

Craig Leon: Nom Nom Nommos


I discovered this long out-of-print, light-years-ahead-of-its-time 1981 album a couple of years ago and was a bit obsessed with it for awhile. It turns out I’m not alone in this. Here’s what Julian Cope has to say about it:

Used as a soundtrack for a dance work by Twila [er, Twyla] Tharp (as was a lot of nifty NYC stuff from this general period), “Nommos” is supposedly based on African rhythms and the like. But really, it’s always reminded me more of some sort of missing link between the proto-industrial rhythm and drone of Suicide and the whole minimalist drone/static/repetition method as in Terry Riley, LaMonte Young, etc. You’ve got the rhythm generator thing going on. You’ve got the synthdrones. You’ve got the constant repetition. The whole hypnotic but not necessarily relaxing vibe.

Actually, Mr. Cope has a bunch more to say about it, including a bit more about Mr. Leon, but you get the basic idea.

Here are my two favorite tracks from the album. As you’ll see, Mr. Cope isn’t kidding about that constant repetition thing.


Don’t tell anyone, but you might be able to find the rest of the album over on Mutant Sounds.

EDITED TO ADD: For more on Leon, check out his website, and his Wikipedia page.

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