Mae Shi go to work

On second thought, I don’t think I want to work at McDonald’s.


Blanche Blanche Blanche gives a TED Talk

That was seriously the weirdest TED Talk I’ve ever watched. But I do feel I’ve learned a lot.

Thanks to Musical Coma for putting me onto Blanche Blanche Blanche.

“People form tribes; they always have they always will.”

Thanks, unknown TED Talker!

Ohh-ah Ohh-ah! Bappi Lahiri Borrows from the Buggles

Speaking of Bappi Lahiri, which we were doing yesterday, here’s a song of his that borrows a little something something from Video Killed the Radio Star. But you’ll have to admit that the finished product bears rather little resemblance to anything the Buggles ever produced.

Everybody Dance With Bap-Bap-Bappi

Muscial director Bappi Lahiri, Bollywood’s greatest magpie, throws in everything from electro to 60s garage punk into this little number from 1987, featuring what is probably the world’s loudest tape recorder.


Oll Raigh!

Italian pop star sings a song in gibberish that’s supposed to sound like English with an American drawl (and which occasionally seems to lapse into actual English). Not only do I love the, er, “lyrics,” but I love that relentless backing track. And of course the video, which combines two “live” performances of the song on Italian TV.

I know, this was big on the Internets a couple of years ago, and I should move on. But I love this song. I could listen to it on repeat for ten hours, and maybe I will.

Hold something!

Is Tropical makes an infomercial

After watching that I felt a really strong urge to buy a fountain.

Oh No Ono has a tea party and goes for a swim


Today, some videos from Oh No Ono, a now-defunct Danish oddball pop/folk/psych group, which somehow managed to blend a bit of Arcade Fire with a bit of Polyphonic Spree without being hoplessly annoying. I hope you will love the dudes in the Tea Party video as much as I do. Somehow the fact that they have wheels and little human feet propelling them along (and over, and into one another) just adds to the charm. Furries: Stop dressing like “sexy” foxes and start dressing like these guys. Wheels and all.

Their other videos are also charming and mysterious. (Except for Swim, which is more disturbing than charming.) All of these songs are from the 201o album Eggs.

If you started each word in their name with a P, they would be Punknown Portal Porchestra


Unknown Mortal Orchestra has a new album coming out with the exciting title Unknown Mortal Orchestra II. You caan stream the whole thing here. (It is, incidentally, awesome, if not quite as charmingly sui generis as their first.) There are no videos for the new album out yet, so let’s just go look at some videos from UMO I, full of fuzzy guitar goodness. Do you like videos in which people’s heads float up into the air like balloons? If so, you’re in luck!

Altar Eagle’s Alternative Mixes


So the oddball synthy pop group Altar Eagle — their name is an Emily-Litella-quality pun — has put out a collection of remixes of their album Nightrunners from last year. Some good stuff on it.

It also gives me the excuse to post their awesome album cover. (Click on it for a much bigger version.)

You can have your own copy, for whatever amount you want to pay for it:

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