Jimmy Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy Jimmy

While we’re still talking Bappi Lahiri, here’s what’s probably his most famous song, Jimmy Jimmy Aaja, which of course MIA sampled (covered? recreated?) in her song Jimmy.

Speaking of Jimmies, here are The Undertones, doing their completely unrelated song “Jimmy Jimmy.”


Oll Raigh!

Italian pop star sings a song in gibberish that’s supposed to sound like English with an American drawl (and which occasionally seems to lapse into actual English). Not only do I love the, er, “lyrics,” but I love that relentless backing track. And of course the video, which combines two “live” performances of the song on Italian TV.

I know, this was big on the Internets a couple of years ago, and I should move on. But I love this song. I could listen to it on repeat for ten hours, and maybe I will.

Hold something!

At this very moment, Brigitte Fontaine sings “Comme à la radio.”

Here’s Comme à la radio, a strange and wonderful song by French actress and singer Brigitte Fontaine, Algerian musician Areski Belkacem, and the Art Ensemble of Chicago, from 1969. For those who don’t speak French, the English version is below. The whole album, also called Comme à la radio, is amazing. More on it here.

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