Blanche Blanche Blanche gives a TED Talk

That was seriously the weirdest TED Talk I’ve ever watched. But I do feel I’ve learned a lot.

Thanks to Musical Coma for putting me onto Blanche Blanche Blanche.

“People form tribes; they always have they always will.”

Thanks, unknown TED Talker!


Uh Ohh-a Ohh-a! Video Kills Bruce Wooley and the Camera Club

I posted a Bappi Lahiri song the other day that borrowed the famous “ohh-a ohh-as” from The Buggles’ Video Killed the Radio Star.

To balance that out, here’s a version of Video Killed the Radio star, from Bruce Woolley and the Camera Club, which doesn’t  contain any “ohh-a ohh-as” at all.

Woolley’s version of the song, which he co-wrote, predated the much more famous Buggles version. The album it’s from, English Garden, is stuffed with great songs. I would call it a forgotten masterpiece, but most people didn’t know about it when it came out, either.

There used to be a bunch of videos up on Youtube showing Bruce and his band performing some of his best songs, featuring a bespectacled keyboard player whose fame went on to eclipse both Bruce and The Buggles: Thomas Dolby.

Some more tracks from Woolley:

Oh, and here, for good measure, are The Buggles doing their version of Video Killed the Radio Star.

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