Yeasayer Gets a Face Massage

I feel like I just watched someone else’s acid trip.


Mae Shi go to work

On second thought, I don’t think I want to work at McDonald’s.

Psych Out With Les Momies De Palerme

Ooh, sparkly! And weird. More weird than sparkly, to be honest.

Music to Start a Cult By: Transmuteo

If you’re planning to start a New Age cult, might I suggest you hire Transmuteo as your musical director?

Jimmy Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy Jimmy

While we’re still talking Bappi Lahiri, here’s what’s probably his most famous song, Jimmy Jimmy Aaja, which of course MIA sampled (covered? recreated?) in her song Jimmy.

Speaking of Jimmies, here are The Undertones, doing their completely unrelated song “Jimmy Jimmy.”

Low Sea, No Evil


This is sort of my favorite song in the world right now. (Note: the worst dancer in the world, like worse than Elaine on Seinfeld, makes an appearance at 1:55.)

Fun fact: The band is not French, but Irish.

This song ain’t bad neither, and this is a real video and everything:

Yo Yo Dieting: Hiphop meets Throbbing Gristle


I have been acquainting myself with the ouvre of one Pat Maher of Portland, apparently, who sometimes goes by the name of DJ Yo Yo Dieting or Expressway Yo Yo Dieting. As you’ll see, or rather hear, from the videos below, he makes music that basically sounds like chopped and screwed hiphop mixed with Throbbing Gristle.

Here’s how the Ducks Vs Satan blog described one of his releases:

In a genre that relies upon its lyrics it’s quite strange to hear hip hop where the vocals are completely indecipherable, and when combined with the beats becomes an oozy, gooey disorienting experience. Beats are stretched and the trite r n’ b interludes that commercial hip hop have relied upon for the last decade or so become nauseating and in fact it is like listening to hip hop when you’re sea sick.

That sounds about right.

This video, of a song done under the Dj Yo Yo Dieting moniker, features clips from Soul Train. I would really like to see people actually dancing to this music. I mean, besides myself.


This one, with no dancing or anything but a static image, alas, features a song by Mr. Maher as Expressway Yo Yo Dieting, off his Bubblethug album.


I kind of like what one YouTube commenter came up with to explain the peculiar title of this video:

i have no idea what any part of “expressway yo-yo dieting bubblethug” means but i imagine a chubby guy in a street gang that patrols the interstate and he’s always getting picked on by the other gangsters so he’s constantly dieting but has no self control so he stays fat, thus earning the disparaging nickname “bubblethug.”

Weirdly, that sounds about right, too.

Oh No Ono has a tea party and goes for a swim


Today, some videos from Oh No Ono, a now-defunct Danish oddball pop/folk/psych group, which somehow managed to blend a bit of Arcade Fire with a bit of Polyphonic Spree without being hoplessly annoying. I hope you will love the dudes in the Tea Party video as much as I do. Somehow the fact that they have wheels and little human feet propelling them along (and over, and into one another) just adds to the charm. Furries: Stop dressing like “sexy” foxes and start dressing like these guys. Wheels and all.

Their other videos are also charming and mysterious. (Except for Swim, which is more disturbing than charming.) All of these songs are from the 201o album Eggs.

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