Psych Out With Les Momies De Palerme

Ooh, sparkly! And weird. More weird than sparkly, to be honest.


Austra goes “Home”

A new song by Austra. I like it.

Ambient in Blue: 1969, by Cherry

Some pretty ambient dub/house with some vaguely Durutti Column-esque guitar, recently released on a little label called Blue Tapes.  I’m not quite sure what it has to do with 1969 — it sounds more like 1996, actually — but I’ll let that pass. For more info, or to buy it, go here.

I heard about this one from Cassette Gods, a very handy guide to ultra-obscure cassette releases.

Music to Start a Cult By: Transmuteo

If you’re planning to start a New Age cult, might I suggest you hire Transmuteo as your musical director?

10cc invents ambient drone, in 1975

I’ve always loved the hazy miasma in? around? of? this song. Remove the melody, and the drums, and you’ve got a wonderfully warm, lazy, ambient track.

Godley and Creme — former members of 10cc — went for a similar effect at the end of their 1995 song “Cry.”

The first guy in the “Cry” video is what I imagine happens every time an MRA sees my other blog.

Low Sea, No Evil


This is sort of my favorite song in the world right now. (Note: the worst dancer in the world, like worse than Elaine on Seinfeld, makes an appearance at 1:55.)

Fun fact: The band is not French, but Irish.

This song ain’t bad neither, and this is a real video and everything:

A pair of songs by Gazelle Twin


So, a couple of songs off of Gazelle Twin’s new EP Mammal. They’re moody, pretty, and a bit creepy. The first video here is the official video for “Heartbeat.” The visuals for the second song, “I Turn Your Arm” come from the horror film Beyond the Black Rainbow, which, in an amazing coincidence, I recently watched. It’s a gorgeous film, as you can see from the video, but it doesn’t quite live up to the visuals.

Official Gazelle Twin site here.

Ok, so now I have Porcelain Raft’s ‘Drifting In and Out’ stuck in my head

In my defense, it is awfully earwormy.

That said, I have no idea what’s going on in the video, or why it’s so damn smoky. I will not be eating at that restaurant, that’s for sure. Second-hand smoke kills!

Oh No Ono has a tea party and goes for a swim


Today, some videos from Oh No Ono, a now-defunct Danish oddball pop/folk/psych group, which somehow managed to blend a bit of Arcade Fire with a bit of Polyphonic Spree without being hoplessly annoying. I hope you will love the dudes in the Tea Party video as much as I do. Somehow the fact that they have wheels and little human feet propelling them along (and over, and into one another) just adds to the charm. Furries: Stop dressing like “sexy” foxes and start dressing like these guys. Wheels and all.

Their other videos are also charming and mysterious. (Except for Swim, which is more disturbing than charming.) All of these songs are from the 201o album Eggs.

Lull yourself to sleep with Afterlife, in a good way

Not a song for anyone in a hurry. As in, it takes three and a half minutes for the music itself to kick in, emerging from a swampy bed of watery sounds. (It literally sounds like someone tromping through a bog.) Here’s how the promo blurb from the label puts it, enthusiastically if not grammatically:

Patiently drawing us far from the shoreline for its first few minutes, soon we are enveloped in a powerful scalar field where beautiful synth alchemy is being conducted.

Whatever that means, the music is pretty and peaceful. I like it.

This song was available on the extremely limited edition cassette Hypnautic Rinse from Stunned Records, but it’s sold out, so I guess we’ll just have to make do with this static YouTube video for now.

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