Yeasayer Gets a Face Massage

I feel like I just watched someone else’s acid trip.


Psych Out With Les Momies De Palerme

Ooh, sparkly! And weird. More weird than sparkly, to be honest.

Music to Start a Cult By: Transmuteo

If you’re planning to start a New Age cult, might I suggest you hire Transmuteo as your musical director?

Freak yourself out with EMV

Creep yourself the hell out with this little music video. Probably not a good idea to watch this if you’re in the middle of a psychotic episode.

Visit Leaving Records to download some free tracks or buy the digital album.

Oh No Ono has a tea party and goes for a swim


Today, some videos from Oh No Ono, a now-defunct Danish oddball pop/folk/psych group, which somehow managed to blend a bit of Arcade Fire with a bit of Polyphonic Spree without being hoplessly annoying. I hope you will love the dudes in the Tea Party video as much as I do. Somehow the fact that they have wheels and little human feet propelling them along (and over, and into one another) just adds to the charm. Furries: Stop dressing like “sexy” foxes and start dressing like these guys. Wheels and all.

Their other videos are also charming and mysterious. (Except for Swim, which is more disturbing than charming.) All of these songs are from the 201o album Eggs.

If you started each word in their name with a P, they would be Punknown Portal Porchestra


Unknown Mortal Orchestra has a new album coming out with the exciting title Unknown Mortal Orchestra II. You caan stream the whole thing here. (It is, incidentally, awesome, if not quite as charmingly sui generis as their first.) There are no videos for the new album out yet, so let’s just go look at some videos from UMO I, full of fuzzy guitar goodness. Do you like videos in which people’s heads float up into the air like balloons? If so, you’re in luck!

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