The Monks Monk Out on German Television

Well, after all that Meredith Monk, let’s have some other Monks. As in The Monks, in some amazing footage from German television in 1966.  (I think this is the show that became Beat Club.)

As you’ve no doubt noticed, these dudes actually shaved divots into their hair in order to look like monks. That’s commitment.

More Monks. You’ll have to excuse the interminable bilingual introduction to the first one.

There’s more live footage of The Monks floating around on Youtube as well; it’s all great.


Meredith Monk Time

This is seriously my favorite thing in the world right now. This is a part — well, two parts, I think — of a long piece of Monk’s called Dolmen Music, available on an album of the same name. A dolmen is a kind of neolithic tomb, so put this on your MP3 player the next time you visit one.

DJ Shadow sampled the cello from the album version of this piece for his song Midnight in a Perfect World. I don’t blame him. It’s a nice cello riff. But who’s going to have the guts to sample the nying nying nying nying no no no nying nying nying nying no no no bits?

Monk has a website and a Facebook page. Go “like” her on Facebook!

Oll Raigh!

Italian pop star sings a song in gibberish that’s supposed to sound like English with an American drawl (and which occasionally seems to lapse into actual English). Not only do I love the, er, “lyrics,” but I love that relentless backing track. And of course the video, which combines two “live” performances of the song on Italian TV.

I know, this was big on the Internets a couple of years ago, and I should move on. But I love this song. I could listen to it on repeat for ten hours, and maybe I will.

Hold something!

Acteurs mix up an 80s-style industrial stew

Probably not so good to listen to if you’ve got a pounding headache.

The Knife loves the sight of broken glass

Hey, it’s a new video from The Knife. If you watch it long enough, a woman will pee in the street. (In the video, that is.) Also, there are some lesbians. And a straight couple, also. Some wine glasses get broken, then unbroken, then broken again.

I’m not sure I really “got” the video. Or if there is really anything to get.

The song’s good, though.

Floating in Space With Sir Paul McCartney

Oh, Paul McCartney! Responsible for so much good (the Ram album, 1985, Jet), and so much evil (Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, Ebony and Ivory, Wonderful Christmas Time). I’d put Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest, his 1993 album released under the name The Fireman, in the former category. One of the most hypnotically repetitive albums you’ll ever hear, it’s basically one big set of remixes of the same ambient/house/techno song. It sounds a lot like The Orb — not surprisingly, since McCartney’s collaborator on the project was the producer Youth, who formerly worked with The Orb — and not much like McCartney. At least until you remember that McCartney, inspired by Stockhausen, was experimenting with tape loops back when he was in The Beatles. And then of course there’s the goofy electronic pop of his 1980 song   “Temporary Secretary,” using a relentlessly repetitive synth riff as a backing for some relentlessly creepy lyrics.

Put the album on repeat for the full effect.

McCartney recently released another album under the name The Fireman. Ignore it. It’s nothing like this one, and not terribly interesting.

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