The Meredith Monk Party Continues

Some more Meredith Monk. I posted this on Man Boobz the other day, in response to an MRA dodohead who was going on about how “female” composers — he put the word “female” in quotes — were all terribly conformist.


Oll Raigh!

Italian pop star sings a song in gibberish that’s supposed to sound like English with an American drawl (and which occasionally seems to lapse into actual English). Not only do I love the, er, “lyrics,” but I love that relentless backing track. And of course the video, which combines two “live” performances of the song on Italian TV.

I know, this was big on the Internets a couple of years ago, and I should move on. But I love this song. I could listen to it on repeat for ten hours, and maybe I will.

Hold something!

Are you ready? Are you ready for this?

Do you like it? Do you like it like this?


Have a Droney Dance Party With Hanetration

Some nice droney stuff with a glitchy beat and a horn.

Here’s the rest of the EP, which you can download for free.

Check out Hanetration’s Bandcamp page for a couple more free EPs.

H/T to Dogs Can Read Your Mind

Acteurs mix up an 80s-style industrial stew

Probably not so good to listen to if you’ve got a pounding headache.

Sharevari Dance Party, 1982

Yes, this is a video of people dancing to techno music in 1982. Before the genre even had a name. Back when the genre wasn’t actually a genre so much as just this one song, Sharevari, from the never-heard-from-again group A Number of Names.

Also, the host of the show, who makes an appearance at the end, is clearly high as fuck. He is possibly the highest person I have ever seen on television.

Below, the song without the voiceovers, sounds from the studio, etc.

WNUR’s Streetbeat: The Acid House soundtrack to my grad school years


In late 1988 or early 89, while I was in grad school at Northwestern University in Evanston Il, I discovered the Streetbeat program on the college radio station WNUR, which at the time specialized in house (and acid house)  music, which was just then hitting its stride both in Chicago and in England. This music — and the dancey industrial music played on WNUR’s Club Beat show — became the soundtrack to most of my grad school experience.

Street Beat was on only for a couple hours a day, and Club Beat only once a week, so I started taping them off the radio, filling tape after tape — basically, as many as I could afford — eventually accumulating literally hundreds of tapes featuring my own edited versions of both shows.

Evidently I wasn’t the only one taping madly away.

10cc invents ambient drone, in 1975

I’ve always loved the hazy miasma in? around? of? this song. Remove the melody, and the drums, and you’ve got a wonderfully warm, lazy, ambient track.

Godley and Creme — former members of 10cc — went for a similar effect at the end of their 1995 song “Cry.”

The first guy in the “Cry” video is what I imagine happens every time an MRA sees my other blog.

Low Sea, No Evil


This is sort of my favorite song in the world right now. (Note: the worst dancer in the world, like worse than Elaine on Seinfeld, makes an appearance at 1:55.)

Fun fact: The band is not French, but Irish.

This song ain’t bad neither, and this is a real video and everything:

A pair of songs by Gazelle Twin


So, a couple of songs off of Gazelle Twin’s new EP Mammal. They’re moody, pretty, and a bit creepy. The first video here is the official video for “Heartbeat.” The visuals for the second song, “I Turn Your Arm” come from the horror film Beyond the Black Rainbow, which, in an amazing coincidence, I recently watched. It’s a gorgeous film, as you can see from the video, but it doesn’t quite live up to the visuals.

Official Gazelle Twin site here.

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